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Collawell FAQs

Where do I get MSM?
MSM is found in natural food sources in small amounts, thus it is challenging to get adequate level in your daily diet. To get a greater amount you must get it from supplements. As a dietary supplement MSM is often used in combination with joint health product eg. Collagen Peptide Type II.

Is COLLAWELL®’s MSM from a natural source?
MSM is synthetically produced in the United States. A 4-stage distillation process is taken place to removes impurities.

Does MSM give any side effects?
The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) safety studies confirmed MSM as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status. A GRAS substance is one that is considered safe by experts when added to food.

What is the synergistic effect of collagen peptide Type II plus MSM if compared to collagen peptide Type II as a single ingredient?
MSM was also shown to be effective in reducing arthritis pain when used in combination with type II collagen. In short, the combination of the ingredients definitely gives synergistic effect in relieving joint pains due to osteoarthritis.